Haunting Halloween Jewellery

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This month's client story is about a very special set I made with the help of a very fun client who shares my love of Halloween! (We shared many a favourite Halloween costume pictures with each other over during these rings creation. :) It's a custom wedding ring set, featuring the woven wicker pattern from the Original Adam's Family chair! How cool is that? I just loved making unique custom designs with fun clients. 

If you've ever thought about getting your own custom design, this link will tell you all about how fun, easy and affordable it can be: Custom Designs

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Last announcement, I'm introducing my first SALE section! These are special items (there's only one of each!) I want to move out, to make room for new Christmas stock. (I know we're still in Halloween mode, but I gotta think ahead!) Lol. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay in touch with social media. I'm loving Instagram these days! (And stay tuned for my Halloween costumes! I went a little overboard this year!)

Happy Halloween! 

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