A Day in the Life of...

Ever wondered what artists really DO all day!? Well you're in luck, because I'm going to show you. :)
(FYI for any artists out there, I got the idea for this post from a killer article about 'Being the Face of your Business'.

Good Morning! Welcome to my studio!

Today I'm working on a custom Music Note Ring box. Transcribing the Notes to Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata, it means no worries, when it's a studio Day! ;)

Next I'm hunting for the perfect Druzy Gemstone for my Baby Galaxy necklace for a very special client, looking for a Mother's Day Gift for his wife in honour of they're bundle of joy.

Here's some sample images of what the final piece will look like once I find that perfect stone. 
Then it's onto Etsy to create a custom listing for a new custom design client, who wants a Sterling Silver Iris band with emeralds! Check out this first draft of the design.

Now I'm drawing a swan feather for a custom Swan and wolf paw ring. I'm google image searching to get a feel for their shape and texture. I'm loving the 'fluffyness' at the base. Going to be a challenge to get that look in silver.

LUNCH BREAK! Waiting for a phone call from IONEMEDIA to discuss a website. Excited!

They called! What a great phone call! Lots to think about.

Lunch for reals this time. Watching a little Far from the Madding Ground. I think Netflix recommended this to me. It's about a woman that's 'Too Independent', she's running her Uncles Farm business. :)

Ok it's back to work so I'm setting the mood with a little afternoon music from Spotify.

Now for my favourite part of the day, bench work! Here is where the MAGIC happens. First I'm working on a custom song ring with diamonds! Hence the raised notes for bezel set diamonds.


Here's a preview of how it will look after it's been cast and cleaned.

Now I'm excited to make this Swan feather come to life. Looking good! I use my wax pen to melt the paw into a feather shape. (I'm using a base ring that's 2 wolf paws, and changing the one paw into a feather. Then I use my dental tool to carve the feather textures. The fluffiness is turning out great.

Here's a sample of what it will look like when it's finished. This one is a crow and wolf paw. 

Gonna open some mail before the kids get home. New ring boxes!

Hi kids! Next to running my business this is my favourite part of the day. This is Callum, he's 1 and a half. Say hi! Sure you can do some laundry. :)

Let's unpack Oakley's bag (he's in JK, he goes 2-3 days a week). Look what he drew! A painting of him and his friends in the snow. And a lollipop garden. Apparently those are all lollipops, except for the monster growing out of the ground!

Callum wants to show us his craft too! He went to the library today with Daddy.

Oakley is begging to do beading. I can't say no to that!

The kids want to watch TV, well OK, but after Piano practice.

(Oakley and I made this Piano Book Box the other day after reading about how parents can motivate kids to practice with rewards (he loves crafts, so this was a reward.) And I read about making the piano environment comfy and inviting, so this project was a win win. 

 Callum wants to practice too! ha ha

Great job kids, lets make a snack.

Got a little messy. Clean up crew!

Ok TV time! Sarah and Duck AGAIN!? This is Oakley's favourite TV show, but I really have to agree, it's about Sarah and her Duck, and they are friends with Rainbow, Moon, and Scarf Lady who just knits everythign! It's brilliant.

Dinner time.

Wild and crazy, rough house play time!

Story time. Night night.

Oakley and I wrote this book for Callum. I took photos of them and photo shopped them onto backgrounds, some are drawings Oakley did. They go on a train ride (that flies through cotton candy clouds) to Mamacopacakeland. Then they plant lollipop trees, and brush their teeth with Candy Cane Toothbrushes. You can guess who was in charge of plot development. It's a favourite at our house. :)

Phew what a day! I can't believe how much I did. Now it's time to hang out with Hubby...after this blog post. :)

Thanks for checking in and supporting my life as a full time artist. I LOVE it! And thanks to my beautiful family for supporting and loving me oh so much.


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