Cat Lover Gifts Help Keep Tails Wagging

I'm so proud that a portion of my cat jewellery sales goes to my local humane society, especially during the holidays, when my Cat Lover jewellery gifts, literally turn into gifts for cats and animals, with the Humane Society's Tail Wagging Gifts. You can choose to donate a specific gift like a blanket, soft bed, or Kitten formula!

I personally donate a portion of my Animal jewellery sales to the Toronto Humane Society because I've always loved cats! So when my prof in Universtiy said we had to create a Dog in metal, I asked if I could PLEASE make a cat instead, and my first Cat Lover necklace was born. My favourite element of this piece, is it can also be worn as a statement ring! I've since made many variations due to popular demand. I have 'Crazy Cat Lady' earrings, or you can wear yours or your cat's birthstone in your necklace! I offer tabby, or 'smooth' texture as well.  As sales increased I decided to give back to my local humane society.

With sales increasing, I decided to sign up for monthly donations of $18 per month. When I sell more, I donate more! It's great because it connects me both with my clients love of animals, and the benefit of real animals in my neighbourhood! I've even donated to my clients area of choice, so I've donated to the NY humane society, and even to specific rescue programs, like wolf rescue when I've sold my Wolf Paw rings.

My love of animals has connected me to many people passionate about animal rescue. One client, celebrity Callie Thorne, tweets about her support of animal rescue and her own adorable rescue pup every week on #TrickyTuesday. She just posted about her support of adopting a senior pup from the NY humane society:

She was even kind enough to send me adorable pics of her and her rescue pup Tricky, while wearing my Claddagh ring! Thanks Callie!

I hope to donate a big amount this Christmas season, as my Cat Lover necklaces are a popular gift to wrap up under the tree. 

As a thank you to my clients and Band of Cats blog for featuring me, I'd like to offer this coupon code! Simply use code: 
for free shipping on any purchase of $50 or more from my shop. 

Enjoy! Thanks for supporting both my life as a creative artist, and animal rescue!

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