What's Going on in Rickson Land: Custom Designs for Crazy Cool Clients :)

Welcome to my Handmade jewellery blog featuring my custom designs created for special clients. Today I'm showing off two gorgeous wedding and engagement ring designs. To have your own custom design, or to inquire about a free quote, read about my custom designs and/or message me (click, then select 'request custom order' on the left).

First up, this Claddagh set was inspired by the client's own family crest. We borrowed the crown design, and originally tried a 'stone heart' design, but the clients went for a 'smooth' puffy heart, because they wanted both rings to match each other. Gorgeous! The clients thought so too, with their shining feedback. Thanks 'Cdraghi'! It's so appreciated.

My next project was a beauty. My client wanted me to turn my classic Paw to Paw ring into a wedding and engagement ring set. I created 2 designs because I thought of the second 3 ring design with a tail engagement ring, but I was really surprised that my client chose Option A. I LOVE Option B and look forward to crafting it in the future. 

I have the pleasure of creating another paw ring set for a couple that already has my Paw rings, and wanted custom collar rings to go with them. We designed this smart collar ring where the end fits snugly into the shape of the paw ring! I also customized it with the couple's initials on the tag! Too cute. They left a appreciative review as well. Cheers! (Also available in my shop now)

I hope you enjoyed learning about my custom designs. Here's a sneak peak of a couple new designs I'm creating right now. Stay tuned for their updates and more exciting custom designed jewellery by me, 
Rickson :)

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  1. I think, you have made the beautiful designs for the custom handmade jewelry for your clients. Thanks Rickson for sharing and keep updating with the new designs.