Father's Day Gift Guide

Choosing jewellery gifts for guys has always been a tough one, especially for Dad's, since you want to express your love, and appreciation, while still appealing to his understated, masculine style.

Titanium Song Ring
Karus Chain's has just published The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Gifts for Father's Day and I'm honoured to have my Titanium Song ring featured! My song rings radiate sentimental style because the engraved music notes are the real notes based on your choice of song! Fashion and heartfelt meaning in perfect harmony. :)
 If you're still searching for the perfect father's Day gift (and lets face it, we all are!), check out this article. Dad's are the super stars of our childhoods, and the role model's for our life, and this article shows us celebrity Dads rocking Men's Jewellery while hanging with their super cute offspring. Totally worth the read.


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  1. Nice post. I like that suggestion on fathers day gift. May be for these good points one of my friends brought a titanium ring as his father's gift from tatias brand.