Jeweller to the Stars! Rickson Jewellery and Callie Thorne

I have huge news! A Celebrity owns my unique Claddagh ring and she loves it!

Hellooooo Callie Thorne!
Callie told me, "This ring is the dream ring I've been searching for!'

To top it off she's totally down to earth and fun to talk to! We've become fast pen pals. You may have seen her in the hit TV show Necessary Roughness! I mean she is the star!

Or you may remember her from Rescue Me as Sheila, she says she LOVED worked alongside Denis Leary. Who wouldn't!?

We've also bonded over our love for animals! I told her about my charity donations with my Cat and animal jewellery and she told me about her support of Shelters on her twitter like Sidewalk Angels and Pets Alive. She also rescued her adorable dog Tricky, who she honours on her Twitter page with Tricky Tuesday's! She's an avid, so check her out! @calliopethorne

 Isn't Tricky adorable! Callie rescued him! Oh and there's my ring!

See how sweet she is!? She took a photo just for me! As you can see both the ring and Callie look stunning! Thanks Callie!
Stay tuned for more Callie, she's got wicked design sense and we may just be working on a new project right now!

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