This series features hand carved fantastical female characters experiencing emotions of love, worry and fatigue as they transition from growing a life inside their bodies to caring for an infant outside themselves. The arrangement of their limbs create animal like bodies showing a blending of animalistic instincts with human intelligence.

The combination of differing materials like silver and bronze illustrate how two entities can feel as one, and still be separate beings. As well, red and gold accents show the exchange of fluids between mother and infant; the outside world and the interior of the body. This series also bridges the gap between jewellery and art as the pieces can be worn on the body or stand alone as sculpture.
Please comment and let me know what this work makes you feel, as a woman, a mother, man or father. All thoughts are welcome.



  1. It really wonderful creative idea.This all pendents are look extra ordinary crafting creations.This all materials are made from bronze and silver.

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  2. What a wonderful, thoughtful and imaginative series! I so admire your way of combining jewelry with art!