Go Global: It's as Easy as Etsy Workshop

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I'll be giving a Workshop on Etsy this weekend in Brampton as part of the HACE Business of the Arts Workshop Weekend. Learn how to create an online shop and sell your handmade, vintage and supply items to a global market! It's free, and in Brampton. The Workshop is called: Go Global: It's as Easy as Etsy on Saturday Nov. 12at the Brampton Gold Club. Check out the details in this Facebook event page

To register Call the arts council at 905-874-2919 or e-mail Teresa Alves at: Teresa@artsbrampton.ca before 4pm on Thursday Nov. 10! It's free to anyone living or working in Brampton.
For more info on the entire weekend visit the Brampton Arts Council website:
I am so excited. I LOVE talking Etsy. Check out my Etsy Shop to see what you will learn how to create for yourself.

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