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I am the Captain of the Handmade Division and this month we are all answering the question:

What new project are you working on right now and why?

I've been working on these really special lockets for two clients who lost their brother. It was a very emotional process as my Grandmother passed away while I was making them, so I felt very connected to the meanings of the pieces.
One was made to hold their brother's hair, and the other was made so the picture can be changed.
I hope you enjoy looking at my process and the final pieces:

When I create custom items I show my clients a drawing first. After the two sisters saw the drawing they requested that the tree take up more space, so the symbol and tree split the space evently. You can see how this was done in the wax model and finished pieces.
Locket Drawing

This is the wax of the locket before it was cast in sterling silver.
Locket front

Here you can see the Locket wax model from the top. Their are two slots, one for the glass to protect the photo and one for the photo. The glass and photo will be added after the wax is cast in sterling silver.
Locket top

Here you can see how I set hair permanently behind the photo of their brother Kai.
Locket Process

Here's the two finished lockets. Both are sterling silver and have glass set to protect the photos.
Locket Photos

The other side of the lockets have a beautiful Tree growing from a symbol. One of the sisters has this as a Tattoo.
Lockets Tree Side

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  1. The lockets are beautiful and I love the process photos.

  2. Love what you've created for these sisters, Rickson! The WIP photos are amazing too. They inspire me to slow down and document.