Skeleton Series

I'd like to share a series that is a work in progress. I was horrified of skeletons when I was young, but during my degree I started to become drawn to them during a project called Vanity Veritas where I created a skeletal hand grasping a mirror. I started to get into Momento Mori jewellery and have since worked extensively with hair.

Now I am into skeletons full throtle and I find they work perfectly when expressing my ideas about love, and heartache in relation to life cycles.

I've created Skeletons in life like posses which means they inahabit both living a dead realms. I started this series with drawings of two skeletons in a hospital. They represent my Grandparents. As I watched my Grandmother die I became increasingly interested in their relationship, and her existence in both plains. She was here, but she seemd to also be somewhere else. Because of the emotions involved I haven't been able to create the piece of them in the hospital yet, but I hope one day I will. Here's what I have done:

Skeleton Heart ache TOAE

Skeleton love TOAE

Skeleton pregnancy TOAE

Hearts TOAE

This is the piece I can't quite make yet, but hope to in the future.

7 Skeleton Hospital

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