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As you may know I am a member of the exclusive Handmade Division. In fact I recently took over the group, as Andes Cruz passed me the torch. We've started a new Team Shop which is growing and has been a great success so far, with two sales in the first week!

But what I am really here to talk about, is the Talk About blog. :)
In another life I was an archetect and I designed elaborate buildings and humble homes for a living.

Every once in a while I get an idea for a building I'd like to design. My favourite is a cylinder building, with the elevator as the 'core' and all the rooms being pie shaped. Then when I was in Birmingham I actually checked out an apartment for rent in the Rotunda. (Which was bombed by the NRA!)

Then when I was at OCAD I designed a tent that was made of trees. But the catch was that when someone anounced they were with child, the community planted a circle of trees. Then when the child was 20 they would bend the trees into a tent, so they could live there. Again I found that this was already being done. However more likely nomadic tribes simply cut down the trees that weren't needed and bent the ones remaining into a tent. From:
When I was looking for that tree tent image I came across this AMAZING restaurant in New Zealand by the Pacific Environments Architects Ltd.
In another life I'd be designing this!
From: Thanks for listening.
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  1. Thanks Sonia! I can't wait to create some more!

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