Across the Universe

I created a very special Song Ring recently in honour of the new book 'Across the Universe'. Beth Revis is the author and wanted to honour her achievement with a custom song ring.

I've created a video showing how I created the ring.

Beth Revis will be signing books January 3rd 2011, from 5-7pm at Fireside Books in Forest City, NC. Visit for more details and be sure to pick up one of her books.

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  1. Thank you so much for showing us your process! So beautiful!! I love the ring!

  2. glad to see you are rocking the jewelry making! and videos too! good little social networker you are!
    i remember when you told me why you chose jewelry making as your major
    you told me you did this random quiz said you should as your 'career choice'
    then you said something like
    "yeah then i thought, yeah i could totally see myself doing that"
    thats awesome!i especially like that necklace that has all the bracelets and earrings inside! good idea! just glad to see you are doing well! i am on the west coast loving the non winter.

    heres a link to my not as often updated site
    hopefully it will not load all funky on your browser. i have to fix that. but im not a web designer.theres only so much time in life.

  3. Hey! I was just thinking of you the other day! Thanks for all the praise. I am 'rocking the jewellery world'. But you'll love my other endevours lately. I am learning to play the drums! Apparently I am a natural. We should jam when you are back in Toronto. Or maybe when I go to BC! Is that where you are? You should find me on Facebook or email or some such communication tool. :)
    Your website is awesome. I want to try animation too! And I should make a website. I just use Etsy.
    Anyways, we'll be in touch. So awesome to hear from you! And do I see blonde hair! Oh Marilyn. :)

  4. Oh yeah, you might like my 'art jewellery'. You can find it here: :)