Custom Hair Wedding Bands

These 2 rings are based on mourning jewellery, but instead are a celebration of the everlasting bond between two people. Have your very own hair intertwined with your lovers, and wear a symbol of your connection on your wedding finger all day, everyday. These are amazing pieces because they have a waterproof seal AND the sapphire crystal ensure they will be very hard to scratch. So, that means they combine function with fabulous design!

Victorian mourning jewellery was popular in the 1800's. Since death was so common, it became popular for jewellers to set custom 'hair art' behind glass and metal so people could keep a piece of their loved one after they'd died. Hair is so special because it remains long after our bodies have faded, and is as unique as a finger print.

Check out how my two clients and I made these rings happen from drawings to setting hair in gold!

We started by researching what was out there in Victorian mourning jewellery from the mid 1800's and beyond. We found pieces that inspired us.

Then I sketched some ideas and we settled on two designs, one feminine and one masculine.

Based on the designs I started the wax models.

Kate and Don sent their hair in the mail!

I figured out how to work with hair by using weights from Victorian Hair Magazine online.

I created samples for Kate's ring, but we ended up using a random flowing pattern instead.

I think these forms are really beautiful and I'd like to use them in another application.

The saphire crystal and mineral crystal hair 'sandwiches' (mineral crystal bottom, hair, middle, sapphire crystal top) were set from the back of the rings and sealed with layers of silicone and flexible resin to ensure they are waterproof.

Then they were done! Now they are available to you on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed learning about modern hair work. If you are interested in learning more visit
The hair work society

Victorian magazine, learn how people used to make hair art.
online group of hair artists where you can order hair art
Love Entwined book


  1. This is AMAZING work! Just wonderful, I've always been fascinated with antique hair jewelry, as many are. Really superb job, I love the rings you made.

  2. Rickson, the are just AMAZING..and fascinating!
    yes, what else can I say, but I agree w/ Tomi!

  3. These are great, I especially love seeing your process. Thanks for sharing.

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