Rest in peace Hunter

Heather wanted a special necklace made to honour the death of her friend Hunter. Together we designed a beautiful custom memorial guitar pick necklace and key charm.

Diamond cut chain sm 

Our journey started with Heather’s touching message to me:

“I found your custom engraved guitar pick necklace on the web. I was trying to find a custom made necklace pendant in memory of a friend who was killed by a drunk driver; he was a musician…

I met Hunter Richardson in the seventh grade when I moved to Virginia. He was a popular kid, dated the pretty girls…As we all grew up, and became seniors, we had broken down the clicks and managed to call ourselves friends… It was no surprise either to have 15 of us rent a limo for our 5-year reunion. Barely a month later, on Thanksgiving day, hours after eating with his family, Hunter was hit by a drunk driver while walking in a crosswalk with a girl friend. He died some 12 hours later in the hospital, about five months shy of his 24th birthday.”

Heather suggested I donate a portion from both her necklace and this months sales to MAAD, and I loved the idea, and have successfully donated a total of $55 to MAAD. ($45 to MAAD Canada and $10 to MAAS USA). Personal Info removed from Receipts:

MAAD donation info removed MAAD donation USA info removed

Heather had amazing ideas which fueled the production of the heartfelt piece she was looking for. Here’s how it was created:

1 aHunters Setting Sun 1 pr 2 pr 3 pr 4 pr 5 pr 6 pr 7 pr 8 pr 9 pr 10 pr 11 pr 12 pr 13 pr 14 pr 15 pr 16 pr 17 pr Diamond cut chain sm

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this amazing piece. View the Remembering Hunter Richardson Facebook page and Also visit MAAD online to learn more about their efforts to improve awareness and behavior in relation to drunk driving.

Rest in peace Hunter.



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