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As you may or may not know I am a member of the fabulous Handmade Division. This months Talk About blog topic is:

Are there specific artists you'd love to collaborate with? And what kinds of things would you like to create with them?

I love this topic, as I've just started to engage in this idea. Generally I am a control freak, and although I work very well with others, (having gained excellent group skills in my 8 years as a rhythmic gymnastics, my undergraduate degree and then my Masters degree) I prefer to work alone. Having said that, I recently introduced myself to a neighbour of mine becuase I had noticed previously blank trees, and wood on his property suddenly coming alive with beautifully carved faces. Seeing him fixing his motorcycle outfront one day, I decided to introduced myself, and it turns out he is quite the artist. He not only carves wood but he also makes wood wands with precious stones. He's visited me at Art in the Open in downtown Brampton a couple of times, and suggested we collaborate on something, as he'd like to carve something for me to work my metal into. I love the idea, but since we are both carvers, I have yet to think of something I'd like him to carve, that I wouldn't want to carve myself! (see why I work alone, so selfish! haha) So this is a project I am sure to engage in soon, once the summer rush slows down.

Interestingly, he also taxidermies animals. Which brings me to my next two colleborative hopefuls. One is Annie Tung, who recently recieved Best in Sculpture at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, where she had a bird she taxidermied center stage. However Annie and I are both strong artists and I think we work better independantly. But I definetly seem to be drawn to the taxidermy crowd, as my last artist is Julie DeVille. I interviewed her during my Masters and just love her work. I also find us designing with similar themes even though we have never met, and are designing our work indepedantly in different countries. I just saw her piece Silver Rook from 2008 and love the similar elements to both my Bird Cage and this new work in progress of mine.

What do you think? Who should I collaborate with, all of them, none, you maybe? :)

Thanks for your interest,

Rickson Jewellery
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  1. great post rickson :)
    I say go for both!!!

  2. Thanks guys, I hope to collaborate with someone soon. :)