Jewellery Activism

Call for Donation ideas!
Know of a worthy cause? Let me know about it.

Rickson Jewellery is committed to jewellery activism. I personally donate a portion of my online sales to a worthy cause, so you can support both ethically produced handmade jewellery, and a cause related to your favourite Rickson Jewellery pieces.
Right now, a portion of every Cat Jewellery purchase goes to the Toronto Humaine Society. Thanks to you, together we have successfully raised and donated $35 this month! Yaa, good for us! :)
(personal info has been removed from this reciept.)

I am also donating a portion of every Birdcage Necklace sale to FLAP, an organization that lobbies buildings to turn off their lights to avoid 'window fatalaties' in the bird community.

Here's where you come in! I am on the hunt for organizations to donate to with every sale of my: Core necklace, Music Ring, Guitar Pick, Dance earrings, and Goddess Pendant. So if you know of any reputable organizations related to: Heart Disease, Music, dance and/or women's rights Please send me your ideas!

Jewellery Activism, lets make it happen!

Check out Gabriel Craig's amazing post on Altruism, Activism and the Moral Imperative in Craft to be inspired about the power art, design and craft artists have to effect the world around us.

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