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Ok, so this is my fist blog as a member of the illustrious Handmade Division. A group of talents jewellery artists like myself, congregated by the super fabulous Andes Cruz.

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This weeks ‘Talk About’ subject is:

What item do you most treasure made by another artist? Or what item would you *like* to have?

SO I am going to do both, because they are both interesting stories.

The first is an item I DO have, it’s a silk painting by ‘Silk Story’ on Etsy called 'Feast'. When I saw Zita’s work, I couldn’t get over the colours, the detail and the subjects, these hauntingly beautiful women, seemingly floating in these worlds of coloured fluids. I offered to make a trade, and she said her daughter had her eye on my Leg Link Earrings, so we traded up.
Now I have her painting in my workshop and love looking at it everyday. One of the reasons I chose it is because the woman reminds me of my best friend Sharlene. Something about the hair, and her expression, and the title 'Feast' reminds me of her indulgent side.

Sharlene is a film artist who is living in London, England and we periodically meet up in exotic places around the world to party it up. However since we are both ambitious young women, we live our own lives, and don’t end up in the same part of the world that often, so I thought it fitting to have a reminder of her in my workshop everyday. She recently sent me this picture of her new tattoo which is SOOO her, an excerpt from a TS Eliot Quote:

Because time is only time,
and place is always and only place
and what is actual is actual only for one time
and only for one place
What a cool chick eh?

My second piece of art, is one I would like to have, and it’s a jewellery item, because I couldn’t answer this 'Talk About' question without mentioning this jewellery artist and her work. We all know and love her, it’s Andes Cruz. This piece of jewellery is really how we ‘met’. I can’t remember who approached who, but we arranged to do a trade (notice I don’t use cold hard cash to acquire my treasured art works? Haha). I saw her Trillion Techno Ring and couldn’t remember seeing a piece of jewellery I wanted so badly....EVER! So we agreed, and I made her my Heart Ach necklace. She contacted me with a frantic message saying she had almost finished my ring and then melted it! Poor thing. Hopefully she doesn’t see this as a reflection of her skills, I have melted quite a many pieces, and actually don’t mind that I still don’t have the ring, as the story is the reason we met, and that is worth far more than the ring itself. :)
I hope you've enjoyed my first entry into the 'Talk About' blog. I will be blogging a lot more now as I have internet at home! Ya!

Stay tunned for a new ring I made for my boyfriend's father by reclaiming some old pieces of jewellery, and many other interesting projects. :)



  1. Very sweet trades. Love your friends tat!

  2. Love This Rickson!!!!...
    oh, I am playing too!

  3. Wonderfully engaging post, Rickson!!! So glad you joined us this month...Congratulations!

    Jan :)

  4. Rickson, I love your painting and the story. the tattoo is of course perfect. And awww, thanks so much for telling our story. and the ring. ( I hate it when things melt. but off days happen ;) ) WE will indeed trade, I do want to create more in this series... and I have not forgotten, but not there is oh, a half a dozen things in your shop I can't decide between!! ;)

  5. Love this ring, and love the story behind are so right Rickson, the community and support far outweighs the shiny things, but boy, this piece is cool!

  6. gorgeous painting & cool tatoo! and besutiful ring!! I enjoyed your story:) thanks xo

  7. Oh Wow thanks guys! These are all my first comments! You are all so supportive, thanks for bringing readership to my blog! Ya! I am overwhelmed, thank you!


  8. great story! love the tat and of course our great ande's ring... lucky you!

  9. definitely some cool stuff! i quickly glanced at this blog yesterday before running out the door, and i dreamed about that ring and this story last night! lol!
    it must have made an impression, eh? :)

  10. Haha, that's wonderful! You should compliment Andes on that one! Such a cool ring! It's a little sci-fi, and to me looks like it would be moving continuously, all the balls rotating in different directions, she's definetly got talent!

  11. Awesome! One of my fav rings from Ande:)