Silver Kittens Save Cats

The OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) had plans to euthanize 350 animals, but only 99 have been put down due to 'combined voices of animal welfare advocates' (from the Toronto Humane Society Article), and many people are raising money, and there is even a facebook page for the issue. Also these articles from CBC News and the Star have further details on the event.

I have decided to help by donating $10 of every sale of my Cat Jewellery (Silver and Brass Cat Lover Necklaces and Earrings) to the Toronto Humane Society or a animal shelter of your choice that has a 'no kill' policy. This will help ensure the continuing success of animal welfare institutions.

I hope this act is well received, and of course, kudos to all those loving pet owners who took action in a time of need.
Please visit my Rickson Jewellery Etsy page to help the cause.


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