Jewellery Womb

So I've been researching jewellery displays lately, trying to find my groove. My universe, where I want my jewellery to live before it goes out into the world.

It's a bit like creating a womb, or an incubator. It's a bit like building a nursery. My creations will live in this space purely for display though, to look good, but to suit each personality.

Here are some of the extra sriking blogs, images, and wispers I stumbled upon while thinking about displaying my new Bird Cage necklace in response to the ''Bird Cage Craze' going on in the jewellery industry. I am also thinking of ways to display my Song Ring and other necklaces. These are just some cool things I came across.

If you can't read the description, click on the bird cage speaker, then scroll down a bit and read, it is hilarious!

I thought this Koziol partition (above) on Ebay would be perfect to hang jewellery on.

What do you think? Do busy displays distract from the work, or are you not interested in boring outdated, plain looking displays? Feel free to let me know of creative displays you've made or come across.
I am excited to finish mine, I will post images when it's done. Check out these helpful blogs (and this one) on making your jewellery display special. This blog shows existing succesful and different displays.

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