New Life, New Blog

Now that I am a full time artist and am not in school I have decided to post my research, experiences and goings on in relation to my art, design, photography, jewellery etc on here, for you the people. I have always enjoyed researching but found it a nuisance to organize my research in a way that teachers, professors, and academics in general could follow my thought process. Now that I am 'free' I am finding myself wanting to record my research in a way that the public…you….can enjoy it. So if you are curious about the creative process in relation to art and design then tune in to my blog! :)

I just finished moving into the new (to us) apartment my boyfriend and I are renting. It's walking distance to the Library (where I am now) the post office (for Etsy business deliveries) and the GO station (for trips to Toronto). And I haven't even told you the best part…wait for it…it's got an extra little room for …that's right…my very own STUDIO! I am in self indulgent artistic heaven!

I've uploaded two images of my studio and bench in their very young and messy state. I bought the jeweller's bench for $60 from a watchmaker (Thanks Steve!) and raised it with bricks and wood (temporarily, I couldn't wait to start working at it). And my grandmother gave me her old sewing desk. Isn't it nice to work at something someone else has used? I love it. :)

I am at the library now about to upload some of my most recent research and models, I am looking into birds, insects and one of my old favourites…bones. :)



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