Full Time Artist!

Free at Last!

I just finished my Masters in Jewellery in the UK and have returned to Canada and I couldn't be happier! Not that I didn't love my Masters experience but working on my art and jewellery full time outside of school is exquisite!

I will be infusing plenty of energy into my online presence in the coming year so stay adrift with all the changes to my jewellery art page:


and enjoy my new blog (you are reading it :) where you can delve into my designing and making including my drawings, wax carving, silver jewellery, art, sculpture and photography! So exciting. I will also be applying to exhibitions like mad so hopefully you can see my work in person too!

For now you can still view my piece 'One Tear' at Luke and Eloy Gallery's exhbition Paper or Plastic until January 16th in Pittsburgh. Here's a very interesting article about the exhibition:


My work will also be on dispaly at this years Talente exhibition in Munich as part of Schmuck, a huge city wide jewellery/art extravaganza! However I will not be attending in person because I am travelling to Houstan Texas to model a brand new piece yet to be unveiled, in a show called SNAG in Motion, part of the Silversmiths of North America's Guild. Also a huge jewellery show! SO excited.

Also I have been working on my Etsy page so any fellow etsiers let me know any comments or suggestions and I will do the same. :)


That’s all for now. I love being an entrepreneur! I hope you enjoy learning more about me and my style!


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